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Want to know what your friends are recommending on Twitter?

Want to know what your friends are recommending on Twitter?
Daniel Gumble


Social / Twitter / December 17th 2012 at 4:26PM

LoveThis allows you to see what your fellow Tweeters are recommending.

Ever worried that you might be missing out on some choice recommendations from your Twitter friends? Well, worry no more, as LoveThis is to provide a new service that allows users to see what their Twitter pals are recommending.

By signing up at www.lovethis.com and entering your Twitter name during the registration process, you can begin browsing your friends’ recommendations and ‘collect’ the ones you like to automatically add them to your personal library of recommendations.

The new feature is designed to bring LoveThis ever closer to its target of creating a single location where users can see and save recommendations from friends from any platform at anytime, anywhere.

Alexis Dormandy, LoveThis founder and a former Virgin Group board director, commented: “On any given day, most people are subjected to over 174 newspapers’ worth of information.

“It is almost impossible to find recommendations from your friends amongst all this white noise. If we do find them, most people usually forget to save them in one place, which means we fail to remember or find them when we need them weeks, months or years later.”

Gi Fernando, angel investor in LoveThis, also said: “I’ve been testing out this new service and I’ve now got over 20 films to watch over Christmas – both old and new releases. It means I won’t be watching rubbish films on TV this festive season, I’ll be working through my list of recommended films I got from friends.”

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