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The Pope arrives on Twitter

Pope Benedict XVI
Daniel Gumble


Social / Twitter / December 4th 2012 at 11:15AM

Any pressing existential concerns or queries regarding the afterlife? Simply chuck Pope Bennie a tweet.

In a bizarre turn of events, the Vatican has actually embraced the modern world by announcing that as of December 12th, Pope Benedict XVI will be joining the Twitterati under the moniker @pontifex.

Twitter users will now be able to wax lyrical about all manner of issues regarding spirituality and the afterlife, while questions of faith and belief can be directed to #AskPontifex.

The social networking platform has served many a beneficial purpose since its inception in 2006, and being able to ask Vatican staff whether or not you’ll be spending eternity in damnation with just 140 characters is clearly testament to its socio-cultural value. Perhaps online confession via Direct Messaging is something we can also look forward to in the near future.

Questions will be curated by the Vatican staff for the Pope to respond to in a live tweeting event at the end of his weekly audience. A spokesman said Pope Benedict XVI would "reach out to everyone" with Twitter accounts in eight languages.

As something of a traditionalist, it is unlikely that the Pope will be responding personally to questions, despite his English account having already accumulated nearly 280,000 followers.

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