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Who really uses Twitter?

Who really uses Twitter?
Phil Tottman


Social / Facebook / November 8th 2013 at 4:45PM

Younger, more mobile and better educated people apparently.

Eight per cent of US adults get their news from Twitter, compared to 30 per cent who go to Facebook for their news fix, according to Pew Research Centre.

The research - in collaboration with John S. and James L. Knight – also revealed that 16 per cent of US adults use Twitter with more than 52 per cent saying that they never get news there.

However 85 per cent of those get their news (of any kind) from a mobile device compared to 64 per cent of mobile Facebook news consumers.

Twitter news consumers stand out from the crowd for being younger and more educated than Facebook news consumers.

40 per cent on Twitter have at least a bachelor’s degree, compared with 30 per cent of those on Facebook.

Almost half  (45 per cent) of those Twitterers are aged between 18 and 29 outpacing young adults consuming Facebook news, where 34 per cent are of the same age.

A core function of Twitter concerning news stories is the passing along of information as a story unfolds – and conversations about big news events are more likely to shift and evolve.

During Supreme Court hearings on same-sex marriage in March this year, 55 per cent were opposed to legalising it, with 32 per cent in favour.

However just a month later, the number of those supporting same-sex marriage shot up to 43 per cent compared to 26 per cent opposing.

The research quizzed over 5,000 US adults including 736 Twitter users, and 3,268 Facebook users.


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