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Unilever, Pimm's, and Pepsi shout about the power of mobile ads

Unilever, Pimm's, and Pepsi shout about the power of mobile ads
Phil Tottman


Social / Facebook / July 18th 2013 at 3:17PM

Able to reach consumers via the small screen when there's nobody indoors during summer.

Summer is usually a difficult time for brands to push ads to customers due to them exploring the great outdoors, and even more so now as the UK experiences the longest heatwave since 2006.

However, the one consistent marketing method nowadays is mobile - a device which is rarely out of arm's reach.

Facebook experienced a massive 22 per cent increase in mobile monthly active users in the UK in the last year, selling its social network as a great means for brands to reach their audience following continued steps to monetise its small screen offering.

A number of them have revealed interesting details about the success of their mobile campaigns and how beneficial social interactions can be.


Sarah Mansfield, media director, Marketing Services, Unilever UK and Ireland, said: "It becomes more difficult to reach our customers via traditional media during the summer months so Facebook's news feed gives us a great way to continue to keep the Cornetto brand at the front of people's minds when people are more likely to be out and about. 

"We recently became the first brand in the world to use a news feed reach block which enabled us to reach 21 million consumers in just one day – no matter where they were.  We were really pleased with the results."


Kim Araneta, assistant brand manager, Pimm’s, said: "Being reactive to the weather and events allows us to create richer conversations with our fans. For example, we recently saw amazing engagement on a Page Post during Wimbledon on the day of the men’s final.

"We were able to quickly boost it with paid media and it reached almost two million people in their news feeds in just two days.  The platform’s flexibility, combined with huge reach and high mobile usage gives us a unique and effective way to reach consumers at key summer moments."

Pepsi Max

Aman Matharu , digital marketing manager, Pepsi MAX, said: "We know that Facebook is a great platform for engagement, but when we’re thinking about reach mechanics, a lot of brand managers only look at TV, print and outdoor.

"We’re heading in to summer, which is when we see TV and desktop internet audiences shrink – people aren’t at work or home with the kids, they’re sunning themselves on the beach. 

"In the past, if we’d wanted to hit these people we’d only have looked at a site takeover, promoted video, pre-roll, etc. But we’ve got no way of guaranteeing that kind of broad targeting is going to work. With Facebook, we know that people are there on mobile every day, wherever they are, and we could use a news feed reach block to hit 18m of them."

Secret Escapes

Gareth Griffiths, head of digital marketing, Secret Escapes, said: "We have been working with Facebook and AdParlor to increase our presence on mobile devices throughout the summer months. 

"Secret Escapes caters for discretionary travel, so being able to reach our target audience when they are on the move is of great importance. To date, running mobile specific campaigns during the summer period has seen an 85 per cent increase in CTR with a 20 per cent decrease in CPCs compared to campaigns targeting desktop"


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