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Twitter to roll 'Promoted Products' onto mobile

Twitter to roll 'Promoted Products' onto mobile
Zen Terrelonge


Social / Facebook / February 29th 2012 at 11:20AM

Plans to reach the millions of users accessing the social network via mobile device.

The mini-blogging social network has been criticised by analysts that claim its format isn't profitable and now Twitter will rollout mobile ads to boost its revenues.

Its 'Promoted Products' platform lets advertisers buy a highlighted tweet, trend or account that appears in the timelines of their target audience.

However, while that works on PCs, the promoted platform is only visible on Android and iOS devices when users actively search for it.

Now, the firm will integrate 'Promoted Products' into Android and iOS app updates, ensuring the ads appear in the timelines of the mobile users.

This of course, will give advertisers the potential to receive more bang for their buck, though additionally Twitter may look to increase the price of the services if the move does pay off.

Rival social network Facebook recently revealed its plan to start running mobile ads, though confessing it doesn't know how to monetise its mobile offerings.