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First ever social media soap opera to hit mobile screens this month

First ever social media soap opera to hit mobile screens this month
Daniel Gumble


Social / Facebook / April 10th 2013 at 12:03PM

‘Seven Sisters’ to focus on the lives of fictitious North London.

The first ever social media soap opera is set to launch later this month in the form of Seven Sisters, which will see the trials and tribulations of a group of fictitious North Londoners unfold across Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Created by London production company Awesix Media, Seven Sisters will follow the characters’ lives via real-time updates across social media, marking a significant departure from the tried and tested soap opera format.

Viewers will be able to dip in and out of the action as and when they wish, with the ability to follow the story throughout the day in real-time, or simply by checking the relevant feeds at the end of the day.

A Seven Sisters app will also be available on iOS devices, which will stream the story from all social media platforms.

The characters will all be portrayed by real writers, and will include an ‘East London cool kid’ trying to keep his upper-middle class upbringing on the down low; his half-sister and the various men whom she encounters; a country girl trying to adjust to the city; and an alpha male ‘riding the wave of London life’.

Danielle Vanier, Artistic director, Awesix Media, commented: "People today want entertainment that is relevant to them. They don't want to look in from the outside, they want to feel like the show is happening around them. This is what Seven Sisters does. It uses social media, something each audience member themselves uses on daily basis, to deliver content that it is engaging, focussed on their own world and in real time."

Lucy Patterson, writer, who plays Annie in Seven Sisters, added: “"I am really excited to be involved in this new project as I loved the concept as soon as I heard about it; a soap opera playing out on-line. It seemed so simple, yet potentially so effective. I could hardly believe that in this day and age when we're all addicted to updating our social media accounts - and snooping at others - that it hadn't been done before!"

Seven Sisters will be launched officially on Thursday, April 25th.

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