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Facebook promises to deliver 'more relevant' News Feed ads

Facebook promises to deliver 'more relevant' News Feed ads
Zen Terrelonge


Social / Facebook / September 30th 2013 at 4:31PM

Pledge comes amid trials of video promotions.

Most Facebook users are probably blissfully unaware the sponsored posts they receive are actually adverts, but the social network has promised to deliver 'more relevant' ads to users' News Feeds.

This will be achieved by refining algorithms, which also claims to improve the quality and optimisation of ads, whether offering promotions from local business, big brands or app developers.

Facebook has also started pushing mobile ads to Notifications to alert users of new games, while it is also testing video advertising.

In addition to working closely with marketers, the company is also analysing the interactions users make with the ads in feeds, such as a click-through, like, comment or share, which will ultimately generate better interactions for clients.

Twitter embarked on a similar mission to make ads more targeted and 'better' for the user.

Hong Ge, engineering manager, News Feed Ads, Facebook, said: "Every time someone visits News Feed, we choose between thousands of ads to determine the best ones to show. We aim to show people the most relevant ads based on things such as their interests and the Pages they like.

"Marketers tell us which people they think will be interested in their ad. For example, a restaurant might tell us to show an ad to people living in the same city aged 18 to 35. Marketers also tell us how much they are willing to pay to show an ad – which suggests how much they want to reach a specific audience."

Facebook made 41 per cent of total advertising revenue from mobiles in Q2.