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Developers welcome Facebook Login for Windows with open arms

Developers welcome Facebook Login for Windows with open arms
Phil Tottman


Social / Facebook / November 18th 2013 at 3:02PM

Users and developers rely on Facebook for direct and personalised access to apps, games, and analytics.

Facebook login is used by millions to gain access to various software that has stored their information through the social network.

Developers also use this feature to tap into the Facebook social graph, which can be used to improve their programs user experience and open up their apps to new customers increasing performance and revenues.

This is why developers on the Windows Phone platform will be jumping for joy at the announcement that Facebook Login API’s will roll out on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

The product will launch today as a beta, lasting for 60 days encouraging developers to try it out and give feedback on any improvements that need to be made.

The integration of Facebook Login makes logging into an app seamless and without interruption. Some studies have shown that any interruption during the signing up of an app can seriously reduce their likelihood of doing.

Making it easier to sign in, reducing the number of usernames and passwords an individual has, makes it more likely that they would return to use an app without he fear of having forgotten their login details.

User management platform, Janrain commissioned a study in 2012, which found that 92 per cent of US respondents would leave an app experience due to forgotten login information or any need to create a new account.

Some of the benefits for users who login in with Facebook are: the sharing of scores on their timeline, social interactions with friends within an app, and easy access to their photos.

It was previously reported that 850 million people sign in via Facebook Login each month. With a figure like this, Windows developers will be more than happy with its introduction onto the platform.


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