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96 per cent of US app users succumb to app rage

96 per cent of US app users succumb to app rage
Daniel Gumble


Social / Facebook / November 5th 2012 at 4:26PM

Freezing and crashing issues lead to bad reviews frenzy.

According to a survey by API company Apigee, 96 per cent of American app users have been rendered sufficiently enraged by their apps as to take to the web and post a strong-worded negative review.

Among the major issues forcing people to submit their bad reviews were freezing (76 per cent of survey participants), crashes (71 per cent), slow responsiveness (59 per cent), heavy battery usage (55 per cent) and too many ads (53 per cent).

Meanwhile, 98 per cent of respondents insisted that performance matters, with 63 per cent stating that this was most critical in banking and mapping apps.

When an app fails to meet expectations, 99 per cent said that they would take some form of action. 44 per cent said they would delete an app immediately, while 38 per cent said they would delete an app if it froze for longer than 30 seconds, with 18 per cent saying they would do the same if it froze for five seconds. However, 27 per cent claimed they would keep an app longer if they had paid for it.

Word of mouth also appears to be a key method for disgruntled app consumers to voice their concerns, with 32 per cent of users saying they would tell their friends about the underperforming application, while 21 per cent would complain about the app on Facebook or Twitter.

Additionally, the most popular response (89 per cent) to an app issue is for app companies to fix the problem.

Other favoured responses included easy refunds (65 per cent), the provision of a customer service number (49 per cent) or a personal response (46 per cent), while 21 per cent believed that a public apology would be an appropriate response.

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