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UK bus company embraces mobile ticketing

UK bus company embraces mobile ticketing
Tim Green


Payments / Ticketing / January 31st 2012 at 3:42PM

Go North East teams with Corethree.

The transport firm has a fleet of 660 buses and coaches and provides local public transport services in the North East, carrying over 72 million passengers per year.

M-tickets will be powered by the Corethree platform, Core Engine, for users of iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones. The solution also provides CRM, loyalty and business intelligence functions to help enhance Go North East’s services.

The tickets themselves are displayed on the screen and shown to the driver, but with security in mind, Corethree devised a multi-layer solution that incorporates variables such as colour, words and moving digital watermark into the m-ticket.

These anti fraud variables automatically change at a frequency specified by GNE, such as every hour, day or week.

The tickets also work in off-line mode, so users can activate them at all times.

The system goes live from Feb 8th.