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Seatwave launches ticketing APIs

Seatwave launches ticketing APIs
Tim Green


Payments / Ticketing / February 8th 2012 at 2:21PM

Giving developers the chance to put event discovery and ticket purchasing into apps.

Seatwave announced plans for this back in December, and has now formerly confirmed the release of two API profiles: the Discovery API and the Purchase API.

The Discovery API provides access to the Seatwave catalogue, showcasing events and tickets for thousands of artists, teams or other events.

Developers implementing this API will receive 35 per cent of net revenue as an affiliate commission for tickets then sold through the Seatwave site.

The Purchase API sits within the Discovery API and offers developers the chance to build a white-labelled ticket buying experience. There's a rev share, and purchases made are processed by the developer and reconciled with Seatwave at a later stage.

To speed up adoption, Seatwave has teamed up with the music app specialist The Echo Nest. The APIs have been integrated into The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone platform, so that the latter's user base of more than 10,000 developers can easily implement them into their apps.

The partnership will be kicked off this weekend at Music Hack Day San Francisco.

“We believe that the future of e-commerce is a fully distributed experience and sharing our ticketing information across the web is a natural step for us towards this future while being good for businesses and good for consumers,” said Joe Cohen, CEO of Seatwave.

“The launch of these APIs is a reflection of that philosophy; it means more choice for consumers and more options for developers. For that reason we’re really excited to be partnering with The Echo Nest and bringing our APIs to their vibrant developer community..”