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Onebip streamlines payments flow

Onebip streamlines payments flow
Tim Green


Payments / May 22nd 2012 at 5:23PM

Improves device detection on its 'pay by mobile' platform.

Onebip is the 'pay by mobile' arm of Italy's VAS and commerce specialist Neomobile. It enables consumers to pay for products such as music and video downloads, virtual currency, media subscriptions and games direct from the phone bill.

Its customers include online merchants such as Gameforge, Big Point, Stardoll and Badoo in more than 70 countries.

The new browser can detect if a customer is using an iPad or a phone, and also whether they are accessing the website or app via wi-fi or 3G. It then optimises the payment flow to increase the chances of a completed transation. The system can also configure itself to an operator’s billing policies and requirements.

It supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and RIM, as well as web-connected feature phones and other legacy devices.

Massimiliano Silenzi, exec director of mobile payments at Onebip, said: “With Onebip Mobile Browser, we have opened up mobile commerce to millions of consumers that until now have been the losers in the incredible rise of mobile content and services.

“Whether they are ordering a takeaway or buying virtual goods for their favourite social game, consumers will benefit from an intuitive, optimised user experience. And because their transactions are billed to their mobile bill, not having a credit card is no longer a barrier to using their phone to buy and download anything they want.”