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NFC vending machines arrive in the US

NFC vending machines arrive in the US
Daniel Gumble


Payments / NFC / December 3rd 2012 at 2:42PM

7,500 vending machines in Austin and Salt Lake City will be targeted for mobile payment acceptance.

USA Technologies has announced that it is to introduce up to 7,500 vending machines in Austin and Salt Lake City, which will be targeted for mobile payment acceptance powered by USAT’s NFC-enabled ePort technology and ePort Connect service.

The Isis Mobile Wallet is aimed at simplifying the shopping and paying process by allowing consumers to make vending machine purchases by tapping their mobile. It is thought that around 50 per cent of USAT’s ePort Connect service base of 174,000 connections utilised NFC-enabled ePort technology from September 30th, 2012

Stephen P. Herbert, chairman and chief executive officer of USA Technologies, commented: “Our work with Isis is a great example of how we are executing our comprehensive mobile payments strategy, including leveraging USAT’s growing footprint of NFC enabled touch points to bring more value to our customers. We also believe that our work with Isis sends a clear message to vending companies in these two cities—and to the broader market we serve—that there is tremendous opportunity in cashless adoption. Through the Isis Mobile Wallet, we believe these merchants will have unparalleled new opportunity to attract consumers as well as participate in marketing programmes with global brand names.”

To accept the Isis Mobile Wallet, vending operators will need to install USAT’s NFC-enabled technology and display the requisite signage typical for other payment networks.

“By working with USAT, we look forward to expanding the growing list of places where consumers can use the Isis Mobile Wallet,” added Jim Stapleton, chief sales officer, Isis. “Consumers can look forward to the added convenience of tapping to pay at vending machines throughout Austin and Salt Lake City.”