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bieMEDIA invests in Mobile Acuity

bieMEDIA invests in Mobile Acuity
Tim Green


Payments / Coupons & Barcodes / January 25th 2012 at 11:26AM

Fresh funding for longstanding Scottish visual recognition company from US marketing specialist.

Mobile Acuity says it will use the funds to press on with expansion into US and East Asia.

This news follows a big contract win with Tesco to trial Mobile Acuity's visual search, the company's Visual Interactivity platform to enables "point and shoot" mobile commerce.

Consumers can use this tech to point a smartphone at a product or image of a product in an advertisement, shoot a picture and receive all the information, and even make purchases, anytime and anywhere.

It's led Mobile Acuity and its new investor to proclaim the death of QR codes - a bit rich given that the former was a big evangelist for the tech in its earlier days.

"QR Codes were introduced as a quick extension to modernise the bar code," said bieMEDIA CEO Jon Barocas.

"The issue is that these 'squares' take up valuable real estate on a business' marketing collateral or even act as an eye sore to the storefront.

"With our investment in Mobile Acuity, we're able to get straight to the point - just point at the product, shoot a picture and you'll receive all the information you're looking for and even be able to buy the product on the spot. Coupled with bieMEDIA's extensive video experience, we're now able to offer a new, more interactive and engaging experience."