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Confidence in social shopping up 11 per cent in UK

Confidence in social shopping up 11 per cent in UK
Daniel Gumble


Payments / Commerce / March 1st 2013 at 2:58PM

45 per cent of consumers actively recommend products on social media sites.

Rakuten has released findings from its global survey into shopping trends, which reveals that consumer interest in social is up on a global scale, with 45 per cent stating that they actively recommend products on social media websites.

The UK emerged as the second-most willing to embrace social shopping, with 36 per cent sharing products with their social network, representing an 11 per cent rise since August 2012. However, it is the US that leads the way in terms of growth in social shopping adoption, with 39 per cent of shoppers sharing products with friends on social platforms - up 20 per cent since 2012.

UK consumers were also found to be the highest online spenders, spending an average of £1,088 per person each year, ahead of the US, France, and Germany.  On average, spend across the markets surveyed was £464 per person in 2012. 

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, Indonesians had the lowest average spend, parting with somewhere in the region of £220 per person in 2012.

Adam Stewart, marketing director at Rakuten’s, commented: “At Rakuten’s, social platforms were responsible for generating £1.8 million of direct sales in 2012, and this growth has been boosted by a 122 per cent increase in orders from social networks specifically over the last six months. Social is set to become increasingly important, for example Gartner predicted earlier this year that 50 per cent of information on new customers will be based on social network identities, such as ‘login with Facebook’, by the end of 2015, which is up from less than 5 percent today.  As an industry we need to build consumer confidence in social shopping platforms, as well as allowing shoppers to easily share content through these channels.”  

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