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Half of UK students ready to use mobile banking

Half of UK students ready to use mobile banking
Tim Green


Payments / Banking / May 30th 2012 at 11:36AM

More eager to embrace mobile money than rest of the population - but not by much.

A poll on behalf of digital banking provider, Intelligent Environments, found 53 per cent of students who own a smartphone would manage their bank accounts via their mobile device, if they could, compared to 44 per cent of people in work.

A quarter of students with a smartphone meanwhile said they would use their mobile for peer to peer transfers, versus 22 per cent of people in full or part time employment.

Perhaps it's not surprising that student are ahead of the game as they are young, tech-friendly, and skint so they are looking for ways to mimise outlay.

They can err towards staying in bed a lot, so the minimal effort of reaching for a smartphone to bank should appeal.

James Richards, VP of Mobile at Intelligent Environments, said: “The tipping point for smartphone ownership has finally arrived. With mobile ‘wallet’ services adding to the growing list of smartphone capabilities, the use of mobile money applications is only going to grow.

Other key findings:

* 47 per cent of students said they would be interested in mobile ‘wave and pay’
* 23 per cent of men would pay a friend via mobile compared to 19 per cent of women.
* Men are more likely to manage their finances on a smartphone (46% vs. 37%), pay for tickets and events (32% vs. 27%), shop online (42% vs. 39%) and pay bills (35% vs. 32%).
 * 44 per cent of adults in houses with children also said they would use their device to shop online, compared to 39 per cent without.