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What's in a name? Your phone number, potentially

Star Star Me on Sprint
Mike Shaw


General / October 9th 2012 at 11:05AM

US carrier Sprint offers customers the option to have their name as their number for $3 a month.

Sprint customers are able to buy a special number that makes it possible for people to dial two stars and their name to contact them.

The service costs $3 a month, and customers can be contacted by users on all other major networks. 

It's not just names though; customers can choose a five-10 digit combination of numbers to spell out band names, sports teams, cat breeds, whatever.

Callers hit the star button twice and then the chosen vanity name to reach the user.

The person with the “star star” number can have it ring their phone, or, via a mobile app, can send the caller an audio message or text linking to a social media account or StarStar Me profile.

The service is a partnership between Sprint and Zoove, a Palo Alto-based company with a registry of millions numbers that start with **.

Until now, Zoove has been focused on selling its “star star” numbers to businesses, but it realised it was missing out on a huge market by not focusing on individuals too.

Whille Zoove has kicked things off with Sprint, the goal is to offer the service through all the major US carriers.

It's a very good money-making idea, and like vanity licence plates, this will find an audience - only much, much bigger. An extra $3 a month to have **bieber4eva isn't much to a spoilt kid with an iphone, and I know a lot of people who would happily pay that much to have their Twitter handle as their contact number.

Would you be interested in a vanity mobile number?