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Telefonica incubator confirms 16 UK launch start-ups

Telefonica incubator confirms 16 UK launch start-ups
Tim Green


General / June 1st 2012 at 10:36AM

Six3, Makelight and 2ndSight among the mobile firms selected to join operator's Wayra London hub.

Wayra is part of Telefónica’s new Digital unit and has already launched in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. 80 start-ups have been supported to date.

The successful UK applicants now receive funding, access to tools, expert mentoring and get to base themselves at the Wayra Academy in Central London.

At the end of the six month programme, the start-ups will be introduced to a network of venture capitalists for next stage funding. In exchange for initial financing Telefónica receives the right of first refusal on products, but it does not require the entrepreneurs to give it exclusivity.

Simon Devonshire, director of Wayra in Europe, said: “I often hear intense debate about continued and escalating recession.  I think, sadly, we are experiencing a crisis of growth. The old economy, that is familiar to many of us, is disintegrating.

"In this period of transition and uncertainty there is a huge opportunity to modernise and embrace the potential of the new digital economy. What makes Wayra, and this judging process, so fascinating is that it gives a tangible glimpse into what that new digital economy might look like, and the nature of businesses that will drive it forward.”

Ashley Stockwell has been hired at Wayra Guest Academy director and will oversee the day-to-day running of the Academy. He previously ran a number of Virgin brands.

The 26 start ups are:

Hiyalife Ltd
A new social network to log, store and timeline your memories.
An ‘app store’ with tools for businesses to manage servers.

Chatterbox Analytics
A tool to help businesses identify and manage online brand advocates and to discover engagement

An online community hub and social marketplace to advertise your errands and odd jobs to neighbourhood service providers.

MakeLight Interactive
Turns people, via their mobiles, into pixels by creating a giant screen across the crowd at live events.

A real-time dating app to update information and interact with other users without profiles becoming stagnant.
A pre-pay, pre-book minicab platform.

Insane Logic (MyChoicePad)
The MyChoicePad is an app set to reduce the cost of classroom technology by brining language aids to smart technology.

Night Zookeeper
An educational game for families and schools, combining drawing and traditional play in a zoo building game.
A polling application that allows people to survey their friends across their social networks.

Pictures replace passwords with this secure pin model for mobile and web services.

Six3 Ltd
A platform to make it quicker, easier and cheaper for people to send and share video messages.

Blue Butterfly Digital Ltd
An app that allows you to instantly connect to wi-fi networks without fiddly registration processes.

An innovative Smartphone platform that enables blind people to effectively use mobile touch screen technology.

A social network to connect people who love food with each other allowing users to build their own online chef persona and gain recognition for their cooking talents.

Touchline Solutions
Using smart phone technology to combat the problem of queuing.