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Silent Circle brings military grade security to your mobile

Silent Circle
Daniel Gumble


General / November 21st 2012 at 4:31PM

High-end encryption services are now available for video, voice, text and email communications on 3G, 4G, Edge and Wi-Fi.

Global encrypted communication organisation Silent Circle has announced the opening of its UK head office and introduced a potentially game-changing service with it’s military grade security application, which is designed to encrypt voice, video, text and email communication on 3G, 4G, Edge and Wi-Fi.

Available on both mobile devices and desktops, Silent Circle’s Silent Suite is aimed at stopping data criminals and preventing intellectual property theft, whilst seamlessly integrating itself within the user’s device. So, when making calls, texting or emailing, users will do so in exactly the same way they are used to.

While the Silent Suite service is available to anyone, it is likely to be of keen interest to businesses, government organisations, celebrities and various departments of the military. On a daily basis, significant security threats are posed the world over by cyber criminals, whether it be to individuals at risk of having their bank details hacked, or the national security of entire countries being put in jeopardy in the cyber cold war. And as of yet, it appears that no company has been able to make such a service commercially available.

Created by a specialist team comprised of expert’s in the encryption field, Silent Circle was co-founded Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL operator, and Phil Zimmermann, creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), the world’s most widely used email encryption software.  The firm also brings together a selection of US Navy SEALs and renowned encryption pioneers.

With secure servers in place in countries where data cannot be requested by governments, Silent Circle will report all requests by governments for information annually, while no conversations or encryption keys are saved on the server, therefore maintaining the user’s security.

Commenting on the development of the service, Janke told ME: “We wanted to make it as simple as possible so that nobody has to think about it and we didn’t realise when we were making it that there was nothing like it in the world; something that is built first and foremost to bring secure communications to the individual citizens of the world.

“Everything out there today says it’s secure and encrypted, but what it actually is, for the most part, is PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), where it’s a TLS tunnel or a VPN to the server, where it’s encrypted and then goes down to the other end, so the keys are held on the server,” he continued. “What we did by taking the world’s best cryptographers, was create the world’s first peer-to-peer service, which means any communication you have, be it text, voice call or video call, is encrypted before it leaves. And only the other person exchanges keys; no two people in the world can have the same key.”

Silent Circle’s app is available to download now in the App Stores and requires a subscription service at £13/$20 per month. It will also be available on Android around the middle of December, with an official date to be announced shortly.

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