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Pearson launches healthcare API

Pearson launches healthcare API
Tim Green


General / June 26th 2012 at 12:07PM

Developers now able to embed ‘Nursing & Health Survival Guides’ into their apps.

The move represents another attempt by the giant publishing firm to escalate its influence and potential revenue channels by taking its assets to the developer community. It does this via its Plug & Play platform at

Developers can use some of the data in a sandbox for free. Once they hit a set threshold, they can continue to use the content by paying for access. 

This new API opens up access to content from Pearson's books addressing nursing, midwifery, dentistry, physiotherapy, paramedics and social work.

The guides are aimed as quick reference aides, providing help to health and social care students and professionals while in practice and studying.

Diana Stepner, head of future technologies at Pearson, said: ”Pearson continues to open up its information and content to third parties and we are really excited to announce another data set within Plug & Play. 

"The healthcare sector is a digital growth area and making this new API available will allow developers to address this need and find new creative ways to bring the information to life. ”