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Marmalade targets web developers with new update

Marmalade targets web developers with new update
Tim Green


General / April 17th 2012 at 9:00AM

Version 6.0 brings its cross-platform SDK to makers of HTML5 and hybrid apps.

This is a big strategic play for UK-based Marmalade, whose middleware has become one of the world's most popular porting tools.

But despite its success, it's still generally thought of as a firm that caters for developers of complex, richly graphical games.

Now, aware that there's a whole army of web developers looking to cheaply and easily convert their apps across different OSs and form factors, it's broadening its focus and making its tech available to web and PhoneGap users.

The idea is to give these developers the ability to 'exploit the dual strengths of HTML5 and cross-platform native code'.

“We believe hybrid apps combining web and native technologies are the future, but not as they’ve been known up to this point” says Tim Closs, CTO at Marmalade.

“With Marmalade 6.0, we’re starting to redefine what hybrid apps can achieve with native API breadth and power. Marmalade has always been about open standards, so HTML5 and PhoneGap are natural choices for us.

"But with our unparalleled experience of cross-platform native apps, and our patented single-binary architecture, we’re creating for web developers a brand new opportunity – use existing HTML5 technologies and frameworks, but access all the power of cross-platform native code.”

Marmalade lets developers compile a single codebase to native CPU instructions, then deploy apps to all iOS, Android, bada and BlackBerry as well as other platforms including selected smart TV products.

It means that Windows developers, for example, can create, test, debug and deploy iOS apps locally and entirely from a Windows PC environment. Developers can preview their mobile apps on a desktop device simulator, fully integrated with the Chrome JavaScript debugger and Web Inspector tools.

The tech has been used to create versions of Draw Something, Call of Duty, Cut the Rope, Lara Croft, Need for Speed, BackBreaker and many more.

Marmalade 6.0 is available for a free evaluation at