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Carphone Warehouse staff to push 'SimplyTap'

Carphone Warehouse staff to push 'SimplyTap'
Tim Green


General / August 15th 2012 at 11:27AM

All customers to get a crash course in the mobile checkout tool.

SimplyTap is the mobile checkout app developed by The Mobile Money Network, which is part owned by Carphone Warehouse's CEO Charles Dunstone.

The idea is that customers register their payment details with the service and, from then on, whenever they see a SimplyTap code printed on a product (via using alphanumeric codes, QR codes and image recognition) they can type it in to buy.

The goods are then paid for using the stored payment details and delivered to the registered address.

SimplyTap should get a boost from this promo, which will see an estimated 3.5 million Carphone Warehouse customers will get a personal introduction and help with installing the app.

MMN is already working with Carphone Warehouse on the project and other retail partners include the likes of HMV, Thorntons, Pretty Green, Daily Mail Shop and Universal Music.

Andrew Harrison, CEO of Carphone Warehouse, said: “There is no doubt that mobile is changing the way that people search for and buy products. We know consumers and retailers alike want to take advantage of mobile payments.

"Ofcom recently confirmed that 31 per cent of smartphone users have used their devices to take photos of a product and 21 per cent already scan bar codes.

'Forward thinking retailers are already capitalising on this by installing wi-fi networks and launching specific apps. Carphone Warehouse is at the forefront of innovation to create a better mobile payments experience.”