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Apple's Retina Display-quality video glasses

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Mike Shaw


General / July 27th 2012 at 4:55PM

Project Glass may have a rival...

While Google's Project Glass is getting all the attention right now, Apple has been toying with a heads-up display since 2006.

In fact, Apple's video glasses project has already been awarded two patents and this week, the US Patent Office published a new patent application from the company. This one regards a future heads-up display that focuses on delivering Retina Display like quality to a smaller display that's powered by a much smaller battery than an iPhone.

Although Apple's patent application presents the image above, bear in mind that it isn't a design patent - if/when the finished product comes to market, there's no chance it will look like that. Can you imagine Jonathan Ive putting his name to that monstrosity?

Finally, Apple also notes in their filing that "other embodiments may take the form of other types of display devices such as television sets, computer monitors, projection systems, and so forth."