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Appcelerator Titanium 2.0 - all about the cloud

Appcelerator Titanium 2.0 - all about the cloud
Tim Green


General / April 18th 2012 at 9:22AM

New version of cross platform tools aims to simplify the process of integrating cloud services into apps.

Titanium is well established as one of the world's most popular solutions for porting apps across multiple platforms. There are 40,000 Titanium-built native apps in production today.

Version 2.0 gives any publisher using Titanium, Objective-C, Java, PhoneGap, Sencha and HTML5 technologies the ability to build an instantly scalable server-side backend, and add app features without writing server code.

It means their app can connect easily to cloud services like push notifications or check-ins.

“Our goal is to help every enterprise and developer quickly and easily create rich, cloud-connected mobile apps for any device and any platform,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator.

“Appcelerator’s Cloud Services enables developers to do three things really well: build, launch and scale full-featured mobile apps without the headache of building the backend infrastructure and services that are typically required. By opening the playing field for developers, we anticipate a broad rollout of mobile cloud services.”

Meanwhile Appcelerator is giving developers an incentive to deploy those apps to the mobile web using Titanium 2.0. For each Titanium app that is deployed to the mobile web between now and June 1st, Appcelerator is offering a cash prize.

The company will randomly choose five apps and offer $1,000 to each winner. Details here.

Titanium 2.0 and ACS are available on a freemium pricing model, with pricing plans based on usage levels of training, support, and services required.