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London black taxi cabs to be fitted with ad-supported wi-fi hotspots

Black Taxi Cab London
Zen Terrelonge


Networks / WiFi / December 10th 2012 at 1:52PM

Where to guv? Nowhere, I just need to send a tweet.

The London Underground has already been fitted with wi-fi services thanks to Virgin Media, but another distinct form of transport in the UK capital may be fitted with internet hotspots very soon.

For the past two years, tech startup Eyetease has been working on hardware that will deliver built-in wi-fi hotspots to black taxi cabs, offering drivers and passengers a very literal sense of mobile web browsing when on-the-move.

The 'CabWifi' service will be free, though users will be required to watch a 15-second advert to gain access to the web, while drivers will be given a login to bypass data charges incurred when accessing taxi apps and the like.

Richard Corbett, founder and CEO, Eyetease, said: "This is really great news for London. With dwell times averaging 15 minutes in the back of a taxi, what better way to pass the time than to use your laptop, tablet, book reader or phone with guilt free internet access."

The launch is set to start in 2013, pending approval from Transport for London, while Eyetease is currently in talks with a number of brands to act as advertisers.

Cabs are seemingly a new way of monetising mobile for modern consumers, with startups launching apps that allow users to book and track taxis with their devices. This has been demonstrated throughout the year by the likes of Kabbee, GetTaxi and ubiCabs.

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