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O2 and Vodafone to share infrastructure?

O2 and Vodafone to share infrastructure?
Stuart O'Brien


Networks / Vodafone / March 12th 2009 at 10:09AM

UK initiative could see five operators using two networks.

The Guardian reports that Vodafone and O2 have agreed to share their mobile network infrastructure in a bid to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

At the same time, Orange (which is Vodafone's existing network pool partner) has asked to share its airwaves with 3 and T-Mobile, which are already in bed together on the network-sharing front.

Still with us? Good. The Guardian calls the reorganisation the "biggest shake-up in Britain's mobile phone history".

If the plans come to fruition, the UK's five major operators would be using just two networks. In theory this could equate to cheaper calls and data for end-users.

The plans were foreshadowed somewhat by the government's Digital Britain report earlier this year, which asserted that network sharing was crucial to speeding up the expansion of mobile broadband services.