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Orange launches interactive fiction concept

Orange launches interactive fiction concept
Tim Green


Networks / April 30th 2012 at 2:56PM

'Alt-Minds' detective adventure combines elements of gaming, apps, social media and web TV.

The operator teamed up with Lexis Numérique on the project, which it describes as an episodic, paranormal thriller that takes players on a journey through Europe as they attempt to solve a series of mysterious kidnappings.

The difference here is that players work together in real time via new media channels to unravel the solution.

Alt-Minds is actually the latest in a series of 'transmedia' projects from Orange since 2009. They have included Detective Avenue, which attracted more than 20,000 players in France alone.

Eric Viennot, co-founder of Lexis Numérique, said: "We are working with Orange to explore a new type of fiction, one which I hope will become part of the history of transmedia, a format which we started with In Memoriam back in 2003.

"These online experiences break down the walls between fiction and reality by offering spectators/players an unprecedented level of immersion in the story."

Alt-Minds will start in autumn 2012 in English, French, German and Spanish.