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Debenhams: Men are 'over the moon' with our free wi-fi service

Debenhams: Men are 'over the moon' with our free wi-fi service
Zen Terrelonge


Networks / O2 / February 11th 2013 at 10:49AM

Guys spend around 30 minutes browsing web via mobiles while partners shop.

Debenhams teamed O2 back in June to launch free wi-fi across all of its 172 stores, encouraging customers to use their smartphones and check for alternative sizes, access special offers, and more.

Eight months later and the British retailer says the initiative is going down well with male shoppers, with data showing they spend an average of 30 minutes browsing via their mobiles while wives and girlfriends stroll around the aisles.

Meanwhile, the top ten most popular sites visited in stores include:

1.   Facebook
2.   Sky Sports
3.   LiveScore
4.   BBC Sports
5.   YouTube
6.   Yahoo!
8.   Instagram
9.   Google
10. Tumblr

Helen Lacey, spokesperson, Debenhams, said: "Men are over the moon that they can keep up-to-date with all the latest sporting news when they’re in our stores. No longer do they have to mope around behind their other halves or wait long-faced outside the fitting room.

"The fantastic advantage of our free wi-fi from O2 is that you don’t have to worry about having a signal, slow browsing or using up all of your data allowance. It’s easy to use and gives our customers access to a huge variety of Debenhams information and special deals as they walk around the store."

What's more, users will also receive a free hot drink while using the wi-fi inside a Debenhams cafe. In related news, the retailer recently made a further move into mobile by introducing a coat that combats phone theft.