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App of the Day: O2 Tracks

App of the Day: O2 Tracks
Daniel Gumble


Networks / O2 / February 18th 2013 at 5:24PM

Get the entire UK top 40 on your phone every week.

O2 tracks is a new music service that brings the UK top 40 singles chart directly to your mobile for £1 per week.

Available on iOS and Android devices, with versions for BlackBerry and Windows Phone coming soon, the O2 Tracks app is designed to provide users with both chart tracks and a selection of curated playlists.

The app works by automatically downloading chart updates overnight via Wi-Fi and storing the tracks on the user’s mobile, meaning that the user can then listen to the music without the need for a Wi-Fi or mobile network.
Songs available in the app are updated once per week, with new entrants replacing tracks that have dropped out of the Official UK top 40 singles chart. However, if a user would like to purchase a song permanently, they can do so directly from the app.

In addition to the top 40 chart, O2 Tracks also provides daily entertainment news, a Scott Mills app cast and celebrity gossip, along with Just In and O2 Playlists. These playlists are regularly updated and are aimed at reflecting the latest music news.

O2 customers can sign up for a free two-month trial of the O2 Tracks service before paying £1 directly onto their bill, while those on other mobile networks are offered a two-week free trial and then a fee of £4.99 per month.

“O2 Tracks allows you to access the most popular music directly on your mobile and for better value than ever before,” said Sally Cowdry, consumer and marketing director for O2. “O2 has built a heritage with music and offering exclusive experiences. That’s why our customers can enjoy two months free. Even after this promotion, our new app means you get the entire chart for little more than the price of downloading one track.”

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