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?AlwaysOnMessage teams with BlueVia on 'smart' feature phone products

?AlwaysOnMessage teams with BlueVia on 'smart' feature phone products
Tim Green


Networks / O2 / June 15th 2011 at 11:52AM

They'll use SMS and MMS to provide feedback and information on product pricing, translation, weather, social networks and currency conversion.

BlueVia, which is a unit of Telefonica, extends APIs to developers so they can make their products work more intuitively with the network.

So these products, which will launch over the next six months, will allow feature phone users to experience the same services of smartphone users by using shortcodes to remotely access information.

But they are available to any Telefonica customer – which means that smartphone users can access them abroad to avoid data roaming charges.

Peter Swain, CEO of AlwaysOnMessage, said: "As an end-to-end mobile agency, we specialise in working with partners to developer apps focused on user experience and achieving business and marketing goals.

"It was natural to embrace BlueVia as a platform to engage users across Europe and emerging territories. Mobile isn't just about apps.  We see immense value in offering feature sets to emerging markets, and BlueVia - combined with Telefonica's reach - allows us to do just that."