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EE's Cash on Tap service facilitated by PrePay Solutions

EE's Cash on Tap service facilitated by PrePay Solutions
Phil Tottman


Networks / EE / July 19th 2013 at 4:51PM

Smartphones can now be used for contactless payments.

EE's mobile payment service which is supported by European, PrePay Solutions will be launched today.

Prepay Solutions will provide e-Money issuing, BIN sponsorship and transaction processing for the Cash On Tap services. 

It will be rolled out on a mobile application platform that will enable a mobile app and NFC phone to offer a list of payment options, such as NFC payments via MasterCard PayPass, online payments via a virtual MasterCard, Application via mobile app, the storing of card details, bank transfers, and customer information.

The app will be available from GooglePlay, initially to EE customers using a 4G EE device on a monthly contract.

Ray Brash, MD at PrePay Solutions, said: "There's been a lot of anticipation in the market for a solution that delivers on the promise of mobile payments. The development makes mobile wallets a reality. 

"We're very pleased to stand alongside EE and MasterCard as we make this major foray into this new territory."

Similar to contactless payments using a card, the Cash On Tap service will now allow users to pay by holding their EE smartphone over a PayPass terminal.


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