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LTE smartphone batteries "suck"

LTE smartphone batteries
Zen Terrelonge


Networks / 4G / February 8th 2012 at 5:43PM

American 4G users unimpressed with lack of battery life.

Next-generation 4G mobile broadband hasn't reached all markets just yet, but US operators have been quick to roll the speedy successor to 3G out across the country.

However, while owners of 4G-enabled phones such as the Galaxy Nexus 'LTE' "love" the increased internet speed, WSJ reports that they also hate the toll it takes on the device battery life.

One Verizon Nexus user says: "I love everything about the phone, but with 4G on, it just sucks down the battery. It's very frustrating."

Poor signal is highlighted as a key problem. Despite major networks supplying 4G, devices struggle to find 4G signal, which in turn drains the battery.

Additionally, battery manufacturers have been criticised for not keeping up with smartphone improvements.

The report says operators including Verizon, AT&T and Sprint will be among those to spend billions on the 4G technology, hoping subscribers will make the transition from 3G, though its fair to say that's unlikely if power issues continue.