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MWC 2011: SPB demos 3D user interface

MWC 2011: SPB demos 3D user interface
Tim Green


Industry / February 14th 2011 at 10:55AM

Presents 'auto-stereoscopic' experience for glasses-free 3D phones.

SPB is well-established in the interface market, and is best known for its down SPB Mobile Shell product.

That mimics 3D by letting the users move 'through' the graphical menu system. So it was inevitable that the firm would explore 'true' 3D now that it is available.

It's therefore joined with Spatial View, a pioneer in stereo 3D auto-stereoscopic technologies, to deliver 'an all-encompassing home screen'.

This houses a set of animated 3D widgets, a collection of 3D folders and a suite of customisable panels in stereoscopic 3D.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of SPB, said: “By partnering with Spatial View and combining our flagship SPB UI Engine with Spatial View’s leading auto-stereo 3D display technologies, we are able to demonstrate a very compelling stereo 3D UI platform for readily creating highly responsive stereoscopic 3D user interface solutions.”

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