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Jemm Group buys mobile publisher OnQueue Technologies

Jemm Group buys mobile publisher OnQueue Technologies
Zen Terrelonge


Industry / Mergers & Acquisitions / April 2nd 2012 at 5:05PM

Real time ad network uses acquisition to build mobile ad service and app publishing platform.

The new Jemm Mobile division will offer clients a series of new app development and advertising tools via OnQueue's Appliciti platform, which enables in-app ads and cross-platform rollouts.

The team will support smartphone and tablet projects, while Jemm's 'real-time' service will provide high-end targeting using geolocation and more.

In time, the firm will explore rich media ad formats, white label app solutions and mobile video ads.

Dave Simms, head of business development, Jemm, said: "Jemm Group is looking to take mobile advertising to the next level and beyond the ad networks. The concept of real-time bidding is becoming a hot tool for mobile publishers in order to extract more value from their ad inventory.

"At Jemm, we think real-time bidding is the next big thing in mobile and I’m thrilled to be involved in this new Jemm Group venture."

Jemm claims real-time technology is rising along with location-based data, which is why most ad networks need to embrace rich media instead of focusing solely on basic mobile ad banners.