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Russian tablet app downloads to grow 109 per cent by 2016

Phil Tottman


Industry / Market Data / November 22nd 2013 at 4:11PM

That is even more than the 86 per cent global expectation.

Russia is one of the fastest growing markets in the mobile gaming industry, beaten only by the US and China, reveals the Live Mobile! Congress.

The country’s application market is expected to continue its expansion, with tablet apps projected to grow 109 per cent between now and 2016. This is compared to a predicted global growth of 86 per cent.

Mobile gaming will see the biggest change, shooting up by 71 per cent in the same time period, from 38 million players to around 65 million.

Russia is becoming one of the most desirable countries for iPad developers, as 40 per cent of all iOS games downloaded there were for Apple’s tablet computer.

Mobile Internet grew by 2.6 per cent on iPad and 5.7 per cent on iPhone and Android, and overall mobile Internet penetration increased by 55 per cent.

Russian mobile video audiences have grown ten fold from two million to a huge 20 million, compared to the US who – even though it still has a bigger audience – only grew 2.5 times.

More than 50 per cent of Russian mobile users play games daily, watch mobile video daily, and access mobile Internet daily, and 60 per cent user social media on a mobile device.

If these trends are to continue, it won’t belong before Russia will dominate the industry.

Alisa Chumachenko, founder and CEO of Game Insight, commented on Live Mobile! “Considering the growth rates of the mobile market, such events are very important for the development of the industry. They are essential, because we all need to be aware of the current changes and to share our experiences with each other.”


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