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Report: App developers send texts to power revs and user engagement

Report: App developers send texts to power revs and user engagement
Zen Terrelonge


Industry / Market Data / February 27th 2013 at 5:00PM

SMS allows them to communicate, connect, and curate.

Find out how to connect with your audience via the free report, which can be found on the ME Reports page.

IM services like BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp have garnered a massive following, but mobile interaction specialist Tyntec's new report details the importance of text-based marketing.

The study says SMS allows app developers to communicate, connect and curate their audience, which are three prime ways to encourage user loyalty, retention, and engagement. Freemium gaming is a notable concern, with developers only able to profit if they can secure an audience with in-app purchases.

Blue Lion's Qeep social discovery platform is a prime example of effective SMS-based marketing, using texts to stay connected with 16m users in 200 countries. It's also produced a solution to reactivate users that haven't accessed the app for an extended period, and the campaigns generate slightly over a ten per cent response rate.

Christian Schulte, co-founder of Blue Lion, said: "SMS is the only technology that’s truly harmonised between all mobile operators globally. This reach means that an app developer with global scale can ensure consistency across markets, driving increased engagement and lower cost and complexity."

Steve Liddell, CEO, Tyntec, said: "Historically, app success was all about driving new downloads and business models were about app prices. Now, more than ever, the market is rapidly becoming dominated by freemium models.

"In this environment the focus is not just on grabbing consumers’ interest in the short term, but on keeping them engaged and re-engaging them when they look like they’re losing interest. As the examples in this paper demonstrate, SMS is a vital part of the mix for this sort of marketing outreach."