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OpenMarket drives mobile donations to charities

OpenMarket drives mobile donations to charities
Phil Tottman


Industry / Market Data / July 12th 2013 at 5:08PM

Mobile Giving Foundation to support SMS donations.

OpenMarket is working with Better Business Bureau (BBB) Mobile Giving Foundation in the US to support and push SMS donations to non-profit organisations and causes. 

Donations can be sent via text to short codes enabling consumers and businesses to easily make a difference with charities that inspire them.

SMS is available to almost every mobile device playing a significant role in how we communicate, making it an ideal avenue for donations. OpenMarket and BBB have supported notable mobile giving programs for national and non-profits in the US this year.

Organisations have included the disaster response to the Oklahoma tornadoes, funding Cancer Research and housing to families of cancer patients, as well as providing support to youth drug and alcohol recovery programs. 

The cloud-based messaging platform offers a safe and secure text-based mobile giving campaigns guaranteeing delivery to donors and recipients. 

OpenMarkets mobile network infrastructure allows the foundation to process high volumes of SMS messages. This - with the permission of the donor - enables them to place the donation directly on the consumers mobile bill.

Jay Emmet, GM of OpenMarket, said: "The BBB Mobile Giving Foundation is constantly looking for better ways to empower non-profits and advance their efforts with mobile technology.

"SMS donations are an excellent example of the immediate impact that mobile messaging can have on peoples' lives, and OpenMarket ensures that these critical messages and funds are sent and received easily and reliably."

With the Mobile Giving Foundation, charities can utilise the reach of mobile without having to cultivate a new base of givers, and enhancing the donor to organisation interaction. 

According to BBB Mobile Giving Foundation, $60 million of donations to more than 1,000 charities have been processed via mobile technology.


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