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Japan vs UK: A look at how mobile owners use their devices

Japan vs UK: A look at how mobile owners use their devices
Zen Terrelonge


Industry / Market Data / February 7th 2013 at 4:28PM

61 per cent of Brits own smartphones compared to 24 per cent of Japanese.

We recently spoke to Japanese mobile games giant GREE, who has recently branched into the UK. When discussing the difference between the two markets, the company said Japanese consumers enjoy card and puzzle-based games, while Brits prefer shooters and action.

Nielsen has now released data that delves further into the differences of device usage in the two countries, with 61 per cent of Brits owning a smartphone compared to the Japanese.

92 per cent of Japanese owners, however, have unlimited data and send more emails than the UK, where limited data and prepaid services are more common, which makes Brits the higher users for texting and instant messaging.

In terms of mobile web usage, 71 per cent and 53 per cent of Japanese use search and portals, respectively, while 46 per cent and 21 per cent of Brits use news and sports sites. Apps are more popular in Japan with users having an average of ten apps on the phone, compared to six for the UK.

Social media attracts users in both markets, though 59 per cent of the Japanese are more active and almost twice as likely to use the platforms multiple times a day. 32 per cent of visitors are likely to post photos, 26 per cent likely to post updates, and 13 per cent likely to play games.

Brits, on the other hand, are considered passively engaged users, with 60 per cent reading updates, 57 per cent viewing photos, and 46 per cent browsing profiles.