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iOS and Android freemium games revenues dissected (again) by Flurry

iOS and Android freemium games revenues dissected (again) by Flurry
Stuart Dredge


Industry / Market Data / August 17th 2011 at 11:47AM

Analytics firm says 'half of all real dollars spent within all apps are for game items consumers don’t keep'

Mobile analytics firm Flurry has published its latest analysis of freemium social mobile games on iOS and Android. This time, it's analysing what players spend money on via in-app purchases, based on more than 57 million transactions in games using Flurry's analytics tools.

The company divides these purchases into three categories: durable goods, which provide a permanent gameplay benefit; consumable goods, which are depleted when used; and personalisation items, which are durable but are for decorative purposes rather than gameplay benefits.

Flurry finds that 68% of items bought in iOS and Android freemium games are consumable goods, with virtual currency accounting for a large share of them. 30% are durable items, while just 2% are personalisation items. That could represent a big difference to social games on Facebook, where personalisation is thought to be much more lucrative.

"Games that are designed with consumable items in mind tend to monetize very well," writes Flurry's GM of games Jeferson Valadares. "For developers, this offers the best ROI on game development resources." However, he also points out that from a game design standpoint, "it's important to have a good selection of durable items in a game as it offers important variety to the consumer with respect to the core gameplay".