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INFOGRAPHIC: The world's largest news consumption study

INFOGRAPHIC: The world's largest news consumption study
Daniel Gumble


Industry / Market Data / March 26th 2013 at 12:26PM

25-34 year-olds emerge as the biggest news enthusiasts.

BBC World News and have today (March 26th) lifted the lid on the results of the world’s largest ever study on news consumption habits across multiple devices.

Conducted by InSites Consulting, the study saw over 3,600 owners of digital devices surveyed in Australia, Singapore, India, UAE, South Africa, Poland, Germany, France and the US, in a bid to underastand the growing impact of TV, smartphones, tablets and laptops on people’s news consumption habits.

The study found that tablet owners watch more TV news, with 43 per cent of tablet users saying they consume more TV than they did five years ago, and most saying they use tablets alongside TV.

It was also revealed that the 25-34 year old demographic boasts the keenest news enthusiasts.

TV came out on top as the most popular means by which to consume news (42 per cent), compared to laptops (29 per cent), smartphones (18 per cent) and tablets (ten per cent).

Jim Egan, CEO of BBC Global News, commented: “Avid news consumers are hungry for information wherever they are and expect to stay in touch on all the devices they now own. There’s been speculation for years that mainstream uptake of smartphones, laptops and tablets will have a negative impact on television viewing, but this study has found that the four devices actually work well together, resulting in greater overall consumption rather than having a cannibalising effect.”

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