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INFOGRAPHIC: The change in news reading habits

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Mike Shaw


Industry / Market Data / October 4th 2012 at 12:47PM

Different countries consume mobile news in different ways. Who knew?!

Mobiles Republic has produced an infographic summing up the findings of a study into the changes in news reading habits across Europe and America.

The overriding message from this research is: people want news to be accurate and free, but there are some other attention-grabbing factoids too. 

The French are most interested in international news, with 65 per cent of Gallic respondents favouring it, while Americans are unsurprisingly most interested in national news, with a massive 80 per cent of them focusing on it.

While the isolationist stereotype is perpetuated, America does lead in the number of people accessing news via mobile app. An impressive 43 per cent of Americans read spent between 30 and 60 minutes every day reading news on a mobile; that's compared with 37 per cent in Europe.

See the full infographic below: