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India to reach 130m mobile web users by March 2014

India to reach 130m mobile web users by March 2014
Daniel Gumble


Industry / Market Data / January 3rd 2013 at 11:46AM

Number of current Internet users in India stands at 87m.

India is expecting to reach 130.6 million mobile web users by March 2014, growing significantly from its current number, which stands at 87.1 million, according to a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI] and IMRB.

The report in October 2012 indicated that there were 78.7 million mobile users who had been online in the past month, of which 61 million were off-deck users accessing sites other than those of the operator. 15 million were on-deck users, only accessing sites specified by the operator, and 2.7 million users accessed the web with dongles.

Elsewhere, the report revealed that the average monthly bill of a user who visits the web via their mobile device is Rs. 460. Of this figure, the user spends Rs. 198 on Internet expenses, representing a healthy trend on account of the user’s readiness to spend almost 40 per cent of their bill on Internet access.

Mobile Internet users most commonly utilise their devices for email, social networking services and messengers, while online videos, games and online news are accessed around 2-6 times per week. However, while online games are played by nearly 50 per cent of mobile web users, less than 30 per cent look at online news or videos.

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