Half of Brits would rather check their tablet than speak to partner | Mobile Industry | Mobile Entertainment

Half of Brits would rather check their tablet than speak to partner

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Zen Terrelonge


Industry / Market Data / November 13th 2012 at 10:27AM

Emails, browsing and social media appear to be more important than hearing about the latest episode of Made In Chelsea.

There's been a number of stats to show the lengths mobile users will go to in order to stay connected to their devices, and tech firm Storage Options has unearthed a few more.

57 per cent of Brits admit to using their mobiles when in bed, 40 per cent do so while sitting on the loo, and one in 20 gadget-obessed users access the device during sex.

In fact, 45 per cent of respondents admit that their phones and tablets prevent them from ever truly relaxing during their spare time.

More worryingly still, 49 per cent of tablet users claim they're more interested in the device than they are striking up conversations with their partner, while 35 per cent find the amount of time their partner spends on the device more annoying than them not doing housework.

Results also show that 20 per cent of people set a limit on the amount time their other halves can spend using devices, while 45 per cent can't go an hour without checking their gadgets.

However, 40 per cent reckon their mobiles have improved their efficiency, while 36 per cent of people in Northern Ireland and 34 per cent in the South East of England claim they would miss out on vital information without using their devices for a day.

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