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Almost 70 per cent of UK firms set to use VoIP by 2013

Almost 70 per cent of UK firms set to use VoIP by 2013
Zen Terrelonge


Industry / Market Data / April 12th 2012 at 3:12PM

While over 40 per cent have already adopted the platform.

Research from Telappliant claims VoIP services such as Skype will play a key component in the future of UK business development as almost seven in ten companies adopt the platform this year.

41 per cent of companies actively use VoIP already, while a quarter have plans to introduce the tech within the next 12 months.

Meanwhile, businesses with an employee count of between 100 to 500 are more likely to use the tech sooner than smaller firms.

68 per cent said VoIP use was to reduce telephone bills, while 22 per cent cited that it would allow more flexibility to work from out of the office.

However, 42 per cent consider VoIP is perceived as unreliable and poor quality, while a third say management don't fully understand the benefits and a quarter believe the platform is too hard to maintain.

Although, 99 per cent of businesses that use VoIP confirm significant savings, flexible working conditions and improved customer services.

Tan Aksoy, CEO, Telappliant, said: "In reality, VoIP telephony has moved a long way forward since the days of staff having to plug a headset into their desktop computer.

"Modern VoIP services are easy to set up, reliable and offer crystal-clear call quality. With advanced telephony features usually only found on high-end phone systems, VoIP gives SMEs a range of tools to compete more effectively with their larger competitors."