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50 per cent of Brits happy to pay for apps

Daniel Gumble


Industry / Market Data / November 12th 2012 at 3:01PM

Consumers use social media and news apps most of all, despite downloading more games.

Half of the UK’s smartphone consumers are more than happy to part with their hard earned pennies for an app, with 80 per cent downloading apps on a regular basis, a study by Simon-Kucher & Partners has revealed.

Over 1,000 UK smartphone and tablet owners took part in the study, which lifted the lid on some of our app-related tendencies. The results showed that, while games apps are the most downloaded, news apps are the most used with 91 per cent of participants claiming to use them, as opposed to 45 per cent who play downloaded games on their mobile device.

Annette Ehrhardt, senior director at Simon-Kucher, believes this as a positive sign that the market isn't moving toward an 'everything for free' culture, commenting: "App users are knowledgeable and willing to pay for good apps. The app range is however large, therefore there's no one 'optimal' price."

90 per cent of respondents own apps in the categories of games, productivity (functional every-day helpers), news and social networks, with respondents owning an average of eight games apps, and two each from productivity, news and social networks.

With regards to our spending habits, the average limit to what many will pay for an app is around £2. However, on rare occasions, up to £70 will be spent on an app.

Commenting on the approaches app providers can take to make the most of the UK’s app-buying habits, Ehrhardt suggests a freemium model: "Then the app can top the download listings and the provider can make money later."

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