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47 per cent of UK mobiles are dropped down the toilet

47 per cent of UK mobiles are dropped down the toilet
Zen Terrelonge


Industry / Market Data / November 11th 2011 at 12:53PM

Watery grave revelations comes as 86 per cent of Brits don't insure their phones.

Mobile phone comparison site www.GoodMobilePhones.co.uk reports British mobile users enjoy living on the edge as almost nine in ten haven't insured their phone prior to damaging it.

31 per cent of handset damage is liquid-based, and men appear to be the most clumsy users. Of the water damage victims 73 per cent were male while 27 per cent were women, according to the report.

The top five specific results for water damage includes:

* Dropped in toilet bowl — 47 per cent
* Dropped into/spilled  drink— 21 per cent
* Dropped in bath/shower — 12 per cent
* Dropped in Washing-up bowl — seven per cent
* Put in washing machine — three per cent

The report says in addition to the 86 per cent that hadn't insured devices,  nine per cent were insured against water damage to their handset and the remaining five per cent were in the dark as to whether their phone was covered for water damage.

Mark Owen, founder of GoodMobilePhones.co.uk, said: "I know mobile phone insurance can seem like an expensive addition to a monthly phone bill, but often it can be something really worth thinking about, especially if you are prone to being a bit clumsy.

"The majority of smartphones can be expensive to replace so it’s often worth the additional cost of insurance, but if you have recently broken your phone then there are some great deals to be had on GoodMobilePhones.co.uk.”