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MWC 2012: Kii pledges to fund and distribute apps

MWC 2012: Kii pledges to fund and distribute apps
Tim Green


Industry / Funding / February 29th 2012 at 8:19AM

New Kii Platform offers distribution through Asian OEMs and operators, early stage investment and cloud facilities.

Kii currently reaches over 40 million end users around the world through its network of developer partners.

Now it's beefing up its offer with the Kii Platform, which is made up of three pillars:

Kii Cloud: A suite of scalable back-end cloud services including user management, data management, analytics and mobile advertising. It lets developers store data for millions of users without writing a line of server code. The Kii Ad SDK also offers special native SDK support for Apple IOS and Android development.

Kii Capital: An early stage investment fund for app makers.

Kii Partners: Access to a distribution network of Asian mobile operators and OEMs in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, as well as Silicon Valley, who offer pre-loading as well as co-marketing opportunities for select apps.

"App Store success creates new challenges: raising money, hiring server engineers, and going global," said Masanari Arai, CEO and co-founder of Kii Corporation. "Through Kii Capital, Kii Cloud and Kii Partners we stand behind this new class of entrepreneur."

Kii says Metago, developer of the ASTRO File Manager app, has grown to more than 20m downloads in Android Market after help from Kii Capital and Kii Partners.

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