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CBoss banned from MWC 2013

CBoss banned from MWC 2013
Tim Green


Industry / March 6th 2012 at 2:39PM

GSMA cites a 'breach of show regulations".

CBoss is the Russian OSS firm that's become something of an MWC fixture thanks to its hourly 'girly' shows, in which leggy models kind of dance/strut in formation to the delighted of the show's lonelier male delegates.

It's either offensive or a bit of fun, depending on your sexual politics. But it's certainly very tacky.

The GSMA didn't elaborate on its reasons. In the past it has warned CBoss about the outfits its girls wear.

But it's highly possible that the offer of a free dinner with one of the girls could be the sticking point.

CBoss ran a competition for a date with the following mangled wording.

"We have no doubt that the champagne, caviar and a beautiful girl conducting a vis-à-vis interview are sure to raise the most correct wording of your thoughts from the depths of the subconscious.

"Personal preferences of both interviewer and interviewee will be accommodated".