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Microsoft victorious in patent battle with Motorola

Microsoft victorious in patent battle with Motorola
Phil Tottman


Games / XBox / September 6th 2013 at 12:38PM

Jury awards computing company $14 million in damages.

The on going bitch-fight between Google’s Motorola and Microsoft has come to a head, again.

It was claimed that Motorola broke agreements to provide technology to Microsoft on ‘fair and reasonable terms,’ reports Reuters.

Microsoft said in a statement: “This is a landmark win for all who want products that are affordable and work well together.

“The jury’s verdict is the latest in a growing list of decisions by regulators and courts telling Google to stop abusing patents.”

This claim comes after Microsoft paid out $1.8 million to the telecoms company last year, in a court battle where Motorola claimed that the amount it was paid to license wireless and video technologies used in the Xbox was way below what they asked for.

The techie squabble even goes all the way back to 2010, when Microsoft hit Motorola with an Android patent lawsuit.

The $14 million rewarded to Microsoft this week, was about half of what was asked for – however $11 million was used to pay off the relocation of a warehouse in Germany, and $3 million covered legal fees, so they can't complain.

Your move Motorola...