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Tapjoy has 25m monthly active users

Tapjoy has 25m monthly active users
Tim Green


Games / January 25th 2012 at 4:57PM

And its Android fund has published more than 130 titles.

Tapjoy is, of course, a controversial name in mobile gaming circles. This is because one of its better-known practices is an incentive-based install programme that effectively pays gamers (using virtual credits) to download games.

This has the effect of moving a title up the rankings, from where 'real' downloads start increasing.

Apple doesn't like this, and banned the practice, so Tapjoy switched to Android and has now seen its user base fly.

It also set up the Tapjoy Android Fund to offer monetary and discovery support to developers looking to port existing apps to the Android platform.

Developers selected to the programme receive distribution through Tapjoy’s performance-based ad network, which delivers targeted app recommendations based on a user’s interests. They also have the option to leverage Tapjoy’s virtual currency engine.

To date, the fund has enabled the creation of hits as MachineWorks Northwest’s 3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt, (with more than one million total users), Duke Nukem, Craneballs Studios’ Overkill and many more.

Other developers include CerebralFix, Sneaky Games, SkyVu, Bushi-Go, Galatea, Candella Software, Liv Games, Mention Mobile, Veraxon, Digital Harmony, PixoFactor and Stark Apps.

“Our goal for the Tapjoy Android Fund was to help enhance the Android ecosystem by bringing great games from Facebook, iOS and other platforms to the Android Market,” said Rob Carroll, director of publishing for Tapjoy.

“Our fund is unique in that we don’t ask for creative control and we don’t push developers to adopt one strategy over another; we simply identify talented teams and arm them with the tools and resources they need to quickly build their apps and then turn them into top hits.”